Costa Mesa CA – The Lab Anti-Mall and SoCo

I had come to town for a wedding of mutual friends of me and Emma. It was a great opportunity for a reunion with friends I had lived in Italy with. It was exciting to see Emma again since it had been six months since we were together in Italy. We started our few days together at The Lab: Anti-Mall. A small outdoor vintage boutique and restaurant mall.



We ate lunch at The Lab’s Gypsy Den where my old roommate from Italy, Amy, met us. It was so refreshing to be with both of them again. I had missed all our travel memories together so it was so great to reminisce and laugh together. And I should have gotten the nachos like Emma haha.


I love going to Urban Outfitters and can’t get enough of it especially on vacation. Definitely hit it up a couple times with Emma, including after lunch at the Gypsy Den, where it was next door. It was such a surreal experience to shop with these friends that I had met and lived with in Italy. Urban Outfitters is such an American experience I had missed in Italy, and it was fun to have this American experience with these friends I’ve never experienced American culture with.


On Saturday, we did the best thing possible: farmers marketing. Emma was the best host and local to welcome me into her daily life for a few days and take me around to her favorite cute spots. For our morning, we went to SoCo for their outdoor farmers market and indoor boutiques.


We went through the farmers market booths and bought plums since Emma is obsessed and shopped through cute succulents.



Then we went indoors. A super cute space! We got coffee at Portola Coffee Lab, sat down to read for a bit (love friends to do that with!), and shopped through the boutiques.




This vacation was the best for trying new pretty local craft coffee shops. Portola Coffee Lab was definitely a pretty one with good coffee.




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