Phoenix AZ – Sweet Republic

Sweet Republic is a local ice cream shop that makes everything they serve. So, they are pretty famous, being featured on Food Network and Bon Appetit.



The lady working that afternoon I went in was very helpful to inform us about their store and answer any questions. She told us that they are even famous enough to have travelers from Europe come in because they have heard about this spot. She told me how all the ice cream, cones, cookies, brittle, sauces, everything is made from scratch by them.


When I asked what she would recommend for my first visit, she told me about the item featured on Food Network: Toffee Banofi in a waffle bowl. I’m all about salted caramel, so it was nice that it had salted caramel sauce, but I also swapped out the vanilla ice cream for their salted caramel ice cream. I loved all the texture too with the waffle cone and toffee brittle. Seriously, this was the best thing ever. And, it looked way better than the featured picture on the wall.



Aside from the ice cream, I think me and Molly’s favorite feature was the collection of childhood games. We kind of got lost for a couple hours reliving our childhoods through Connect Four, Jenga and Shoots and Ladders. All that practice at Connect Four as I was a child paid off, and we played and played until Molly finally won a game. Haha! I do have to give her credit and say that she beat me the first chance she had with Shoots and Ladders. The childhood board games are definitely a benefit to their atmosphere.


Sweet Republic is located in Scottsdale and Phoenix AZ. They also have a shop at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Terminal 4. I think Sweet Republic is a great representation of Phoenix AZ to those on layover of what Phoenix has to offer in local eats. You should try them out! But you have to get the Toffee Banofi with Salted Caramel Ice Cream!

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