Southern CA – Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Seal Beach


I recently went on a trip with Sarah down Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to her home in Long Beach.

By the time we made it back to Long Beach, we were exhausted and for about 24 hours, we did nothing but lay at her house and recover from out travels haha. Our first venture back outdoors was to meet her friend Luke at a new coffee shop: Rose Park Roasters. Before he arrived, we walked through the neighborhood and photographed.

So we met Luke at Rose Park Roasters and I loved the space. It had become his new spot since it had opened a couple, weeks before, and I was glad he was introducing us. 


I say this a lot, but my favorite part of travel is meeting new people and making friends. It was fun to meet Luke. He was definitely one of those people who makes a complete stranger feel comfortable. It was interesting to hear about his life in music and his desire to be a barista.

I got two coffees. First I started with their Ethiopian cold brew, and then I had their molasses, ginger and Rosemary latte which might have been a special for the day. Both were phenomenal.

Another thing I say a lot is always get a local’s suggestion on where to eat. Luke  mentioned that as Rose Park Roasters had become his go to spot for coffee, his go to spot after was Taqueria La Mexicana #2 down the street for their California burritos. California burritos (french fries, carne asada, cheese, salsa and guacamole) are my favorite, so we took the two minute walk to get some, and it could not have made me happier. 


Later that week me and Sarah met our mutual friends Emma, Kristen and Lydia at Aosa for a reunion. It was really fun to be all together again. 

Loved that our friends took us to Aosa, one of their favorite local coffee shops.  It was super cute and they serve Stumptown coffee which is a favorite of mine.


After Aosa, we went down to Emma’s hometown of Seal Beach. It’s a super quaint downtown right off the beach. 

Emma took us to a Mexican spot. Their shrimp tacos were delicious. 

Then we walked through Seal Beach. Amy met us there and it was nice to just be there laughing and catching up with old friends while walking through this adorable town. 

We went shopping through a couple super cute boutiques that I completely recommend if you visit: Stitch & Feather and Isabelle’s Cabinet. 

A couple other spots worth mentioning are the Italian grocer and The Crema Cafe, a brunch spot Emma grew up going to. 

The day in Seal Beach was absolutely perfect. I believe travel is never about where you go, but who you go with, who you experience it with. The moments and laughs you collect with those friends. Whether we are in Italy or Southern California, these friends are the reason the places I travel to mean so much. 

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